Refrigerant Propane Freon For Air Conditioners

Refrigerant Propane Freon For Air Conditioners

Propane is a colourless and highly flammable liquefied gas.

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R290 CAS: 74-98-6 Refrigerant Propane Freon for Air Conditioners

       Propane is a colourless and highly flammable liquefied gas.

      Frigerant is one of the most important content in AC system,Auto system and the proposed industry.

Hydrocarbon refrigerant R290 is the new and environmental refrigent directly extract from oil,no harm toozone sphere and with no warmhouse effect. Hydrocarbon refrigerant can save 20% energy compare with HCFC type refrigent. Right now the new environmental friendly refrigent become more and more popular.It is mainly used to replace r502 refrigerant, used in cryogenic refrigeration equipment. Because R290 is flammable, usually only used in less liquid cryogenic refrigeration equipment, or as a component of low-temperature mixed refrigerant. R290 also compatible with traditional lubricating oil.



    High pure grade R290 is used as temperature sensing medium. Premium grade and first grade R290 can be used as refrigerant and replace R22.


Refillable Steel Cylinders: 118L 400L 800L 926L.

Storage And Transportation

     R290 refrigerant steel cylinder with pressure container, and flammable and explosive, storage should be away from fire and heat source, prevent sun direct insolate, often store in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse. Should be light, light discharge when handling to prevent damaged cylinders and valves and other accessories.

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