Feed Additive Grade Calcium formate

Feed additive grade calcium formate [Molecular formula] Ca (HCOO) 2 [Molecular weight] 130.0 [CAS] 544-17-2 [EINECS] 208-863-7 [Character] white crystallization or powder The physicochemical properties are slightly hygroscopic and slightly bitter. Neutral, nontoxic, soluble in water. The water...

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Feed additive grade calcium formate

 [Molecular  formula] Ca (HCOO) 2
 [Molecular  weight] 130.0
 [CAS]  544-17-2
 [EINECS]  208-863-7
 [Character]  white crystallization or powder

The  physicochemical properties are slightly hygroscopic and slightly bitter. Neutral,  nontoxic, soluble in water. The water solution is neutral. The solubility of  calcium formate changed little with the temperature. At 0 C, 16g/100g water and  18.4g/100g water at 100. Specific gravity: 2.023 (20 C), the pile density is  900-1000g/L. The heating decomposition temperature is >400 C.


      As  a new feed additive. Calcium formate increased weight and calcium formate was  used as feed additive for piglets, which could promote appetite and reduce  diarrhea rate of piglets. Adding 1% to 1.5% calcium formate in the diet of  piglets could obviously improve the performance of weanling piglets. The German  study found that adding 1.3% calcium formate to the weaned piglets could  improve the feed conversion rate of 7% to 8%, and the addition of 0.9% could  reduce the incidence of diarrhea in piglets.

Special note

      Calcium  formate is effective before and after weaning. This is because the secretion of  hydrochloric acid from piglets is enhanced with age. Calcium formate contains  30% calcium which is easy to absorb. When making feed, we should pay attention  to adjusting the proportion of calcium and phosphorus.

Calcium Formate Feed grade



Ca(HCOO)2 %


Calcium(Ca) %


Water indissoluble %


PH Value (10g/l  solution)


Pb %


As %




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