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- Aug 22, 2018 -

1. What is 120% solvent oil?

120% solvent oil is one kind of Naphtha, (petroleum), light catalytic reformed, arom.-free. This 120% solvent oil liquid is a colourless transparent liquid. Besides, its application of this Naphtha, (petroleum), light catalytic reformed, arom.-free is producing edible oil. The EINECS of this product is 270-993-5. What's more, its chemical synonyms are Naphtha, petroleum, light catalytic reformed, arom-free;Dearomatized light catalytic reformed naphtha;6# Solvent Oil;120# Solvent Oil.

2. 120% solvent oil specification in China

5℃ initial point :81.2
120℃ dry point :98.5
benzene(mg/mg)% :without 
density (20℃)(kg/m³):720
Bromine index mgBr/100g:2.0
sulfur(mg/mg)%: <0.0001
Mechanical impurity and moisture :without 

Initial point (℃):82.2
110℃ Distillate quantity :97.8℃
120℃Distillate quantity :99.2℃
Residue %:0.8
benzene(mg/mg)% :without 
density (20℃)(kg/m³):703
Bromine index mgBr/100g:0.06
Mechanical impurity and moisture :without 

The above 120% solvent oil information is provided by WAN FENG INDUSTRIAL LIMMITED. which is a manufacturer of this 120% solvent oil can provide its colourless transparent liquid to you. And our MOQ is 20GP. And this product can be packaged in new silver drum and deliveried by sea from china. If you need any other information, you can send your inquiry to us.

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3. 120% solvent oil usage

120 # solvent oil
 is mainly used in rubber industry, shoemaking industry. It is the comprehensive utilization of reclaimed rubber, modulation all kinds of adhesive.

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