2018 World Cup: Croatia Is Strong-willed Defeated England And Will Play Against France In The Final

- Jul 12, 2018 -

The opponent of the French team in the final of the 2018 world Cup was decided in a pair of England – Croatia. The blazers came into this match after two difficult wins on penalties, but the Croatian fans were hoping that with a player of the caliber of Modric, it will be possible to reach the finals, even against the background of fatigue.

However, Modric has let the team down in the first minutes. The captain of Croatia fouls near the penalty area, alli, “bringing” extremely dangerous standard. The ball went Trippier, and though the Croatian goalkeeper has built a wall from all field players, master standards from Tottenham still looked around, putting a ball in right “the nine”. 1:0 already on the 5th minute.

England tried to develop success. Two one-on-one missed Kane, who could not manage to score 7-th goal in the tournament – however, in both episodes, the judges recorded the offside. And most of the real time to double the advantage had Lingard in the 36th minute but could not break through on the execution in the right corner after receiving a pass from Allie on the left.

After a break game drawing especially has not changed, and midway through the half, the Croats went ahead. The main acting figure in these minutes was Perisic. First, he successfully caught the rebound on the center and powerfully struck the ball but at the last moment, met along the path of the Walker. But on 68 minutes, Walker was unable to stop the player “Intera” – Perisic went to transfer Vrsaljko right to the end and ferried leg in the jump. 1:1, and Perisic almost immediately could have grabbed a brace after the error zanervnichala of Pickford, but rattled the post.

The gifts for perišić is not over. In the 81st and 84th minute, the goalkeeper with the defenders alternately taken out of the Croat attack on an empty goal, but Perisic refused to score the second goal. In short, the second half proved to be the English is just terrible, so he was lucky to bring the matter to extra time.

The English was a little tipsy after entering the field of players Tottenham Dyer and rose, and then could even come out ahead – Vrsaljko was stopped on the line of the ball, put Staunton head after the standard. Croats answered with a attack from the left flank that was met by Mandzukic, but Pickford came to meet him and won the melee.

But that Mandzukic came on 105 minutes, it turned into 109 minutes. Perisic on the selection of the head at random threw the ball into the penalty area, where stones lost Mandzukic and the striker, Juventus took a strong shot into the right corner from the goalkeeper, leaving Pickford chance. 2:1 now it was necessary to recoup the British.

Southgate has released the latest Joker – Vardy, but to be on the ball, he could not. And to finish had to do with ten men – Trippier was injured, and the replacements were gone. Croatia prevailed in the end without much difficulty and set up a historic achievement reached the final of the 2018 world Cup! And not wipe you now to win over the French team?

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