Harry Kane: We Know That For Many Years Nothing Was Achieved

- Jul 01, 2018 -

The captain of the England Harry Kane hopes to convert their chances on Tuesday in the match against Colombia. From this game many expect an open, attacking football.

“I hope we will create more chances, while the opponent has great players in attack such as Falcao and James Rodriguez, says Kane. We know that we have a very serious test. But still we showed great attacking football”.

After 1990, the England team only twice managed to win the playoffs of the world Cup in 2002 was defeated Denmark, in 2006-m — Ecuador. But Kane, who wasn’t even born 28 years ago, when the team of sir Bobby Robson played in the semifinals of the 1990 world Cup, believes that the current young team “three lions” can go down in history.

“That’s our goal, — he said. — We know that for many years nothing was achieved, and the fans know it, too. We want to change everything”

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