Pharmaceutical Solvent Oil

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Solvent oil can be divided into three categories: low boiling point solvent oil, such as 6# extraction solvent oil, boiling process is 60-90 ℃, medium boiling point solvent oil, such as rubber solvent oil, boiling range of 80-120 ℃, high boiling point solvent oil, such as paint solvent oil, boiling process for 140-200 ℃, ink solvent oil dry point can be as high as 300 ℃. In general, 60~90℃ is called extraction solvent oil, which is often said 6# solvent oil, 80~120℃ known as rubber solvent oil, that is often said 120# solvent oil, 140~200℃ called paint solvent oil, that is, 200# solvent oil.                                

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