Cyclopentane Chemical

Cyclopentane Chemical

Basic Info Model NO.: Cyclopentane Molecular Weight: 70.08 Boiling Point (oC): 49.3 Critical Temperature (oC): 238.6 Water Content (Ppm): <=30 Cyclopentane (Wt%): >=98 Sulfur Content (Ppm: <=1 Isopentane (Wt%): <=0.2 Heavier Component: <=1 Density (at 20oC): 0.745 Trademark:...

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 Cyclopentane  Chemical

Cyclopentane is a flammable alicyclic hydrocarbon with chemical formula C5H10.

Cyclopentane is mainly used as Green blowing agent in Polyurethane foam used for thermal insulation in refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, insulated pipes & roofs, construction panels, etc. Cyclopentane is also used in the manufacture of resin, adhesives, pharma intermediate and as a gasoline additive as octane booster.

Cyclopentane being halogen free compound is environment friendly with Zero-Ozone Depletion Potential and thus is fast replacing Chloro Fluoro Carbon (CFC ) applications in refrigeration and thermal insulation.

CYCLOPENTANE       CAS:287-92-3      

Molecular FormulaC5H10Cyclopentane (wt%)≥98
Molecular Weight70.08N-pentane (wt%)≤2.0
Boiling Point (oC)49.3Isopentane (wt%)≤0.2
Critical Temperature (oC)238.6Heavier component≤1
Critical Pressure (MPa)4.52Density (at 20oC)0.745
Flash Point (oC)-37Sulfur content (ppm)≤1
Ignition Temperature (oC)361Water content (ppm)≤30

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Package and delivery

Environmental Cyclopentane


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Safety Precautions

     Cyclopentane is flammable, explosive goods. Keep away from heat, fire and away from oxidants and other chemical reagents. Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place. When shipping, lightly load to prevent the packaging container from vibrating. Pipeline, to be static ground. Do not swallow during operation, to avoid inhalation of steam. Prevent contact with eyes, skin and clothing.

    N-Pentane and isopentane In addition to pay special attention to evaporation temperature lower than cyclopentane, the rest, please refer to the safety precautions cyclopentane.

First-Aid Mesures:

Eye Contact

  1. Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water at least 15 minutes

  2. Get medical advice/attention immediately.

Skin Contact

  1. Remove contaminated clothing and shoes

  2. Immediately wash skin with water and soap at least 15 minutes

  3. If necessary,get  medical attention

  4. Wash contaminated clothing and shoes before reuse


  1. Move victim to fresh air

  2. If adverse effects occor,remove to uncontaminated area.

  3. Give artificial respirarion if victiom is not breathing

  4. Administer oxygen if breathing is difficult

  5. Get medical advice immediately


  1. Do not induce vomiting

  2. If person is conscious,give 2-4 cup of water or milk.

  3. If occur vomiting,lay the  patient down as head would be lower than body for suffocation prevention.

  4. Do not give anything by month to an unconscious person

  5. Get medical advice immediately

About us:

Wan Feng Industrial Limited is founded in 2010, with the registered capital of 180 million RMB (roughly 27 million USD). Our factory covers 1,000 acres land, more than 500 employees, with production capacity 800 kt/a and annual output value 5 billion RMB (roughly 700 million USD).

Currently, the main business scope covers propane and butane series, pentane series, hexane series, solvent oil series,  arene series, environmental protection D series solvent oil and hydrocracking naphtha series, and includes propane, iso-butane, n-butane, highly clean liquefied gas; iso-pentane, n-pentane, cyclopentane and pentane foamer; iso-hexane, n-hexane (the content: 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 95%, 99%); #6 solvent oil, #120 solvent oil, #140 solvent oil and #200 solvent oil; petrobenzene, methylbenzene, xylene; environmental protection solvent oil D30, D40, D60, D80 and other products.

Our products are widely applied to petrifaction, medicine, home appliances, rubber and building materials and other fields.

In recent years, we successively pass the identification of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHS18001 management systems, and hold the sales access certificate of Sinopec, Petro China and CNOOC. In terms of household appliances and industry refrigeration, the Group has establishes cooperation relations with CHIGO, GREE, Haier and other local refrigeration equipment enterprises. 

Products are sold to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, America and Middle-South Asia, enjoys great popularity of the world market.

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