Cyclopentane Solvent Oil

Cyclopentane Solvent Oil

Basic Info Model NO.: Cyclopentane Molecular Weight: 70.08 Boiling Point (oC): 49.3 Critical Temperature (oC): 238.6 Water Content (Ppm): <=30 Cyclopentane (Wt%): >=98 Sulfur Content (Ppm: <=1 Isopentane (Wt%): <=0.2 Heavier Component: <=1 Density (at 20oC): 0.745 Trademark:...

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Product Details

      Cyclopentane Solvent Oil

Product Description

Refrigerant Foaming Agent Cyclopentane Aerosol for Air Conditioner

CYCLOPENTANE       CAS:287-92-3       UN:1146

Molecular FormulaC5H10Cyclopentane (wt%)≥98
Molecular Weight70.08N-pentane (wt%)≤2.0
Boiling Point (oC)49.3Isopentane (wt%)≤0.2
Critical Temperature (oC)238.6Heavier component≤1
Critical Pressure (MPa)4.52Density (at 20oC)0.745
Flash Point (oC)-37Sulfur content (ppm)≤1
Ignition Temperature (oC)361Water content (ppm)≤30

 General Use:

Solvent, Synthetic Initiator, Automotive Fuel, Azwotrope Distillation Agent, Painkillers
Galvanized iron drums: 125kg/barrel  TANK CAR: 58m3

First-Aid Mesures:

Eye Contact

  1. Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water at least 15 minutes

  2. Get medical advice/attention immediately.

Skin Contact

  1. Remove contaminated clothing and shoes

  2. Immediately wash skin with water and soap at least 15 minutes

  3. If necessary,get  medical attention

  4. Wash contaminated clothing and shoes before reuse

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