Rubber Solvent Oil No.120

Rubber solvent No.120 Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland) Application: Industrial Lubricant Type: rubber processing oil Specification: SAE General Composition: Base Oil Model Number: KP paraffinic base rubber oil Name: paraffinic base rubber oil Appearance: Oily Liquid Quality: High Rank...

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Product Details

Rubber solvent No.120

 Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
 Application: Industrial Lubricant
 Type: rubber processing oil
 Specification: SAE
 General Composition: Base Oil
 Model Number: KP paraffinic base rubber oil
 Name: paraffinic base rubber oil
 Appearance: Oily Liquid
 Quality: High Rank
 Flash point (opening, C): 170~210
 Use of paraffinic base rubber oil: rubber industry
 Function: rubber processing oil
 Packing: 200L/barreal
 Color: Water White Transparent

Product Description

High quality paraffinic base rubber oil Features

  • Excellent Appearance: water white, clear and transparent,no fluorescence, no smell.

  • Low content of polar substances: nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen and other polar heterocyclic compounds content is low, effectively avoid  the substances cause these oil-filled rubber polymer fading, aging and cracking  in the sunlight.

  • Excellent low temperature performance: high viscosity,low pour point, filled rubber can be well enhanced oil-filled rubber physical  properties and cold resistance, can be convenient for storage and  transportation operations in cold winter.

  •  Low aromatic content: Lower the costs by reducing the consumption of the vulcanizing agent, while increasing anti-oxidative  degradation of rubber, help to extend the life of rubber products.

  • Excellent light and thermal stability: high saturated hydrocarbon content, stable molecular structure, with good oxidation resistance and fade resistance.

  • High content of saturated hydrocarbons: Cp values above 60%, good compatibility with saturated rubber.

Typical specification



Test Method

Premium Grade

First Grade

Qualified Grade





Distillation Range:Initial boiling point:℃






110℃ Distilled amount %



120℃ Distilled amount %



Residues %



Br index gBr/100g





Arene %





Sulfur %





Doctor test



ZB E31 002

Water soluble acid or alkali



Mechanical impurities and Moisture


Visual inspection

Oil stain test


Visual inspection


Our Services

 1. We can provide sample of our paraffinic base rubber oil product.
 2. We have our own factory and we can provide you the best price
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 4. SGS test report available;
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Product packing and delivery
Product packing and delivery


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