Solvent Oil 120

Solvent Oil 120

Rubber solvent No.120 Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland) Application: Industrial Lubricant Type: rubber processing oil Specification: SAE General Composition: Base Oil Model Number: KP paraffinic base rubber oil Name: paraffinic base rubber oil Appearance: Oily Liquid Quality: High Rank...

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solvent oil 120


 What is  solvent oil 120?

 solvent oil 120 is one kind of Naphtha, (petroleum), light catalytic reformed, arom.-free. This 120% solvent oil liquid is a colourless transparent liquid. Besides, its application of this Naphtha, (petroleum), light catalytic reformed, arom.-free is producing edible oil. The EINECS of this product is 270-993-5. What's more, its chemical synonyms are Naphtha, petroleum, light catalytic reformed, arom-free;Dearomatized light catalytic reformed naphtha;6# Solvent Oil;120# Solvent Oil.

  120 solvent oil, also called industrial heptane, commonly known as white electric oil, white alcohol, collecting distillation range at 80-120 degrees; main impurities: aromatics, sulfur, nitrogen and other compounds.

       It is made of high quality light hydrocarbon in oilfield and adopted continuous distillation process, whose main ingredients are n-heptane and isooctane, cyclohexane, and contains a bit of octane and hexane, under atmospheric pressure for liquid, flammable and volatile.


 solvent oil 120 usage

120 # solvent oil
 is mainly used in rubber industry, shoemaking industry. It is the comprehensive utilization of reclaimed rubber, modulation all kinds of adhesive.

Product packing and delivery
Product packing and delivery


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